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Spend your day on a virtual farm, and ride tractors of all sizes in games from our free tractor games category. Wheat must be sown. Luckily, you have all the needed vehicles that can do it. And which one is the best? Well, obviously the tractor! A tractor is an engineering vehicle which was designed to deliver a high tractive effort (or torque) at slow speeds, for the purposes of hauling a trailer or machinery used in agriculture or construction. This term is in most cases used to describe a farm vehicle which provides utility and power to mechanize all kinds of agricultural tasks. You can tow things behind, or mount them on the tractor, the options are almost limitless! That would be a quick overview about what a tractor actually is, but let's get to more interesting things. What can you actually do with these powerful beasts?

We have already spoken about its farming utility. Attach a powerful farm equipment, and harvest all goods from your fields all day long in one of our tractor pulling games. What about racing? Control typical tractors, or specially tuned ones with immense engine powers. Race other tractor drivers a in tractor rally championship, and be first at the finish line! All it takes is to gain an edge over the competition. Do you ask how? Well, it is a secret, but here it is! We have borrowed an engine from Ferrari, but don't say anyone, please! The main point is that it worked out! For the more crazy people out there, we are not limiting ourselves to mortality, but we go far beyond that. What does that mean in tractor world? It's time for extreme stunt show in Miami! Do some moves with this heavy-weight vehicle, and perform big air tricks and stunts. Overcome difficult terrain, ride over obstacles, and climb seemingly impossible! Conquer the world in a crazy battle where the tractors equipped with nuclear missiles are the main weapons. After all, it's all just the world of games where anything is possible and where the only limit is your imagination!