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tab = menu

p = fullscreen

1 ... 9 = weapons

r = reload

space = jump

ctrl = prone

c = crouch

shift = run

t = chat

enter = send message

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When a war conflict between East and West has begun, nobody would even dare to say that it could last until now. Two years later, and nothing has changed. This global warfare has been so brutal that millions of men sacrificed their lives in hope for a better future. Everything was pointless. Instead, fights are even more intense, and heads of two leading factions that are ruling our world still can not find the solution to end this bloodbath. Thousands of men are being sent to hostile territories where there is nothing else, but death. You are one of them, young mercenary who had no other choice. As a mercenary, you have one choice though. You can choose between East and West unlike others, who are forced to join a certain faction, else, they would be executed. Just a few seconds are dividing you from your toughest day of your life on the battlefield. Take it like a man, and start turning tides of this conflict. This game has its long tradition in internet gaming having huge playerbase of almost 300k registered users, and this new version made in WebGL is looking even more promising than the original one. More weapons, new maps, enhanced graphics, and much more - just press the play button, and create a new legend among games together with other players from the world. Have fun.

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