WASD = move

mouse = shoot

esc = game menu

tab = scoreboard




4 = weapons

q = knife

e = pick-up weapon

r = reload

c = crouch

g = grenade

m = change class

shift = run

space = jump


t = chat


send message
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Le Hieu

Le Hieu

Developer | 20 games

Armed Forces vs Gangs 2

You have been sent to another mission behind enemy lines where you will fight for the glory of your homeland in a global war that may be able to resolve a crisis that has been going on already for months. Prepare for long days in harsh conditions, and get ready for the moment when a group of enemies will accidentally appear right in front of your eyes, or when you step on a mine and blow yourself up. Well... Life of a soldier is sometimes not fair... But sometimes, you get into the action and those experiences are just worth it! Wild shootouts, huge explosions, quick tactical maneuvers, just action that's worth to be a part off! You will have a choice of several different maps in the style of FPS battles like in Counter Strike: Global Offensive! Invite your buddies to a real virtual onslaught and enjoy the fun moments together during the gloomy autumn evenings. Have fun.

Published on Nov 15, 2017

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