WASD = move

mouse = shoot

r = reload

space = jump

shift = run

tab = score table

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Developer | 86 games

Pixel Fps SWAT Command

Pixel Fps SWAT Command is a 3D action shooter from the first person. Create a room and choose your side. Will you become SWAT or mercenary? One way or another, become the most dreaded player! Play for free in your browser.

Would you like to lead your team to a win? You can invite your friends and play together. Create a room and be ready to challenge people around the world! Enjoy cool pixel graphics and smooth playability. You can join one of the two teams. Will you become honest brave SWAT or tough strong mercenary? Fight melee or use guns. Shoot fast! Use the environment around you. Cover behind big blocks, jump and evade. Take control over the map. The game is for every multiplayer shooters lover. Have fun.

Features of the game:

  • Multiplayer game with many people, you can invite your friends
  • Set the room settings, you can play in private room
  • Great pixel graphics that never get old
  • Browser game, no need to install it

Age rating: PACO16

Published on Jul 24, 2020

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