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WASD = move left

mouse = punch right

mouse = block left

mouse + e = kick

shift + w + space

+ left

mouse = jump kick

shift = run

c = crouch

space = jump

l = move camera

t = take

g = drop

v = flex muscle

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The greatest masters of brawling can often deal with number of attackers. In case they are attacked by a bunch of muscular show-offs, this group of arrogant boys will not end up well at all. Not only do they fail to hit such guy, but they will end up laying in pools of their own blood. Getting to this level of mastery requires a great deal of experience and many hours of hard work. Practise some basic moves and go to the streets, where you can expect nothing more than a brawl at every corner. Over time, you will become a feared fighter who does not care about anything. Beat all those who will try to distort your perfect smile and let them just lie on the ground. Maybe there will be someone, who will call an ambulance ... Have fun.

Age rating: PACO12

Published on 2017年8月19日

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