e = change weapon


y = reload

space = jump

? = close help


+ = mouse speed
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Egg killers, beware! These are our friends, killer eggs! Deadly beings able to carry automatic guns capable of wiping out whole army in a matter of seconds. Meet Scrambler, Soldier, and Free Ranger. These guys will be your teammates or your rivals. Each of them has his unique weapon set with custom damage, accuracy, rate of fire, and range. Will you stay on the winning side of this brutal egg war? Let's brake some shells! Have fun.

UPDATE: Shell Shocker with over 5M monthly playes is so popular in schools that these institutions had to start block this game to be able to learn students important school-based knowledge. Anyway, if you prefer to shoot more than study, you can find and play Shell Shockers on various domains to make it harder for administrators to defend you to smashing the shells.

Invite 10 friends and play without ads.

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