Shell Shockers

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e = change weapon

q = grenade


y = reload

space = jump

? = close help


+ = mouse speed
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Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers or alternatively ShellShock io is a 3D multiplayer FPS game with egg characters fighting each other using various weapons. Entire game is made in a smiple block graphics with fun game egglements.

Egg killers, beware! These are our friends, killer eggs! Deadly beings able to carry automatic guns capable of wiping out whole army in a matter of seconds. Meet Scrambler, Soldier, and Free Ranger. These guys will be your teammates or your rivals. Each of them has his unique weapon set with custom damage, accuracy, rate of fire, and range. Will you stay on the winning side of this brutal egg war? Let's brake some shells! Have fun.

Game features

  • 20 unique maps
  • 6 available weapons
  • Characters and weapons customization
  • 3 game modes - Free for alls, Teams, Captula the Spatula
  • Private and public game rooms
  • Private and public game rooms
  • Customizable controls

Shell Shockers Account

Shell Shockers game allows creation of user account for unlocking ranks, purchases, skins and other game adjustments and features. This account is not managed by PacoGames and PacoGames is not responsible for anything related to Shell shockers user accounts.

Shell Shockers unblocked

If you have found Shell Shockers blocked on your electronic device, most likely this is due to blocking by network or device administrator. To play the game in this case you need to change the network or device you are connecting from, or find yet not blocked proxy server in your network - try googling for "Shell Shockers proxy" or check for more information to avoid blocking.

Published on Sep 14, 2017

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