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Welcome to the competitive world of our .io games list collection! This multiplayer non-stop action requires your presence! Fight for the top ranks on the leaderboard has begun. Meet core members of the .io family, Agar.io, and Slither.io - legends of multiplayer gaming. Join millions of players who have already tried these games and are always eager to play them day in, day out. If you think about it a bit, you will understand why. These games are very addictive and you will fall in love with them very quickly, that's a fact you can't overlook. It's mainly because of their competitive spirit, and because each of us wants to be the best. We want to defeat our opponents and destroy them once and for all. When we look back in the history of our world, where we were constantly just battling, winners were those who wrote the history. Join the virtual war of the new millennium! Build villages, kill wild animals, collect food, murder enemies, shoot your rivals with fireballs, eat other snakes, lead your fleet to war on open sea, participate in street fights, or set out to discover new galaxies, all together with our family of .io games. Easy to learn, hard to master - this would be the appropriate definition of this category. React faster than your opponents, and outplay them so hard that you make them quit the game. Top all possible stats, and dominate the battlefield!

Dominate your opponent, dominate the game. Most .io games have very simple rules - kill, or get killed, like in the world of survival of the fittest. Road to rank one might be really tough, but with proper mindset and great portion of determination, you can make it! Once you make it, you will start feeling like Alice in Wonderland, that's how big achievement getting rank one really is! You can't comment on this argument unless you've been there, because then you wouldn't even bear to argue! Whatever, jump on the hypetrain of .io games collection, so you don't miss any of new upcoming legends of multiplayer gaming! The future of gaming awaits you!