mouse = move, attack

space = speed up

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Collect eggs, attack other birds! Become the biggest crowd of the birds on the map! Dominate and become a winner. The game has 3 modes, choose your favorite one.

About Game is a multiplayer game with many people all around the world. Choose the color and later you can unlock more colors for money. You earn money only when you win the battle. It is not easy, but these are well earned money with your hard work. is available for free on your browser, but also for android and iOS. Do not hesitate and join this game. You will experience a lot of fun. Be fast, aim your little birds precisely and collect eggs after your opponents. Have fun!

Game Modes:

1- io Mod: classic io gameplay 2- Battle Royale Mod: be the only winner 3- Team Mod: win with your team

Age rating: PACO3  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on Mar 14, 2020

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