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Have you ever dreamed about flying high in the skies like a bird? Now, you can! Our selection of bird games online offers unlimited amounts of fun and freedom. Navigate birds past obstacles and reach their new homes, or play as a shooter, and shoot down as many birds as possible in the shortest amount of time, and set new high score. Precise aim and fast hands are recommended. Complete simple puzzles, and earn bonus points! You won't regret your choice of playing these games. We promise! In fact, you'll be amazed how great they are, and how much fun one can have when he or she put some time into them.

Discover truths behind the mystery whether penguins are birds or not. You may find many surprising facts during your academic researches about the aves class. Did you know that birds have already lived during the dinosaur era? There were flying giants roaming in the skies, waiting for their prey, fierce and fearsome for their natural enemies. Using their advantage of being able to move efficiently in the air, they managed to survive harsh times, and evolved into thousands of species that we know today. Yes, evolution, that's the second thing. Some species totally forgot how to use wings, or their flying capabilities was so diminished that they became non-flying birds. No matter who can or cannot fly, they are all one big and strong family!

Organize a party among the clouds, and invite fastest flyers out there. Eagles, falcons, mergansers, needletails, all will be present! You can even invite characters from Angry Birds games to promote fun to a completely different level. Be there, or be square! Race on back of majestic rulers of the skies with breath-taking wing-spans, and challenge other crazy maniacs like you.

Play with fictional creatures such as gryphons, and dress and clean them up in specially designed games. Visit an ornithology clinic, and heal injured birds back to full health. Nice and slow surgery will surely do the job! These games will test your gaming abilities and are challenge for all types of players!