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Our animal games will substitute your visit of an entire zoo. Welcome lions, tigers, penguins, or rabbits. Play with all kinds of exotic parrots and cuddle your cute pets. Your pets will demand your attention. Make them happy in dress up challenges, feed them, and keep them clean. Dogs and cats, that's another story... enemies even in a game. Play a game from our animal games for kids collection and raise your own animal from its very subtle age. Nothing will make you more happy than when you realize that you can take care of a living creature. It will fill you with good mood and reason to play again.

Visit SeaWorld parks with all kinds underwater living fauna, and feed sharks, orcas, blue whales, seahorses, and others with plankton or meat. Or head to a forest (don't forget your bug spray), and discover lives of animals that are living in trees, crawling in tall grass, or hanging from the nearest branch. You never know what drops on your head off a treetop. If you are a boy or a girl from a city, get up from you bed, and go for a walk with your lovely pet to a park where you can meet other people with pets as well. You can share some tips, what is the best treatment for your pets, some tips about nutrition, and so on. Do you prefer reaching out to animals during your trips around the world? Then visit a safari, and spend a day or two in real wilderness. Feeding wild tigers is an unforgettable experience as well as riding on elephants. Or set off for a polar expedition, and observe arctic fauna during its ordinary days in pure nature. Bears hunting fish, penguins eating krill and squids, or polar foxes chasing its preys.

Play as a veterinarian, and help sick pets to treat their injuries. Or play as a farmer, and breed your own domestic animals. Have Guinea pigs, hamsters, parrots, or turtles at home, and have some fun with them! Don't get distracted and countless hours of fun with animal games online are ahead of you!