Le Go Car Crash Micromachines Online

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Le Go Car Crash Micromachines Online

You will find even more crazy fun in the competition to conquer new tracks, together with your friends.
Ride on completely open locations, on a mini-machine consisting of toy bricks, with incredible realistic physics of destruction. You will need a large level of skill in performing tricks, the execution of which will be limited only by your imagination. Participate in battles on micro machines playing online with friends, completely destroying the cars of your opponents while minimally damaging your car.
Trap your enemies with unpredictable moving obstacles. Earn bonuses by participating in battles with friends or explore huge colorful maps, with lots of places to perform dizzying stunts, playing in single-player mode. Collect coins scattered across locations, get rewards in battles or for successful performance of tricks, for which you will open new cards and cars. Feel yourself again as a child driving a small car, ride through giant rooms, having the opportunity to call on the kitchen table, or any other furniture that you see on open maps with interactive objects.


  • Many unique maps similar to an amusement park, with innumerable number of jumps and places to interact with your car.
  • The ability to open and add cars to your garage, for the rewards and coins you received during the passage of the game.
  • Incredibly beautiful graphics, with a dynamic environment and an incredibly realistic, system of destruction of cars.

Give yourself and your friends a lot of positive emotions and good mood in an exciting game for the whole family LE GO CAR CRASH MICROMACHINES ONLINE!

Age rating: PACO3  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on 27 nov 2019

Invite 10 friends and play without ads.

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