Lady Shooters

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tab = menu



3 = weapons

r = reload

c = crouch

shift = run

space = jump

b = buy weapons

f = use

g = grenades

m = radar

n = night vision

j = clone

t = chat

y = team chat

enter = send message

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We often leave armed conflicts for brave boys and true men, but we are forgetting facts that ladies and girls want to have some fun too! What a shame! No more! Have you ever seen a beautiful young lady wearing a big gun? No? Do you think that girls are only into fashion and manicure? You are wrong! Some of them love shooting and blood! Battle in the streets of Chinatown, fight for your life on the left island, compare your parkour skills in dockyard, or snipe down few gorgeous girls in training camp. All maps are very versatile and diverse, making it very unique gaming experience and fun at once. By the way, this game is a living proof that ladies are, in fact, much tougher than boys! Easy peasy! Have fun.

Published on 2017年8月26日

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