WASD = move

mouse = shoot

space = jump

r = reload

tab = score table

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Shooting Blocky Combat Swat GunGame Survival is a 3D action shooter. Join the team and win the round. The game use blocky piel graphics. Player has many different weapons in disposal. All are unlocked. Play for free in your browser.

Come to play action shooter. Great 3D graphics will bring you a lot of fun. Play with your friends or alone. Find new friends as you team up for the fight. All guns are unlocked and available, so you do not have to farm XP or coins. Create new room and setall the details - map, type of game. Will you play TDM or killing zombies? It is up to you! You can also choose how many players can join or even make the room private. Have fun!

Age rating: PACO18

Published on Jul 25, 2020

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