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Experience Kour.io, the ultimate multiplayer first-person shooter directly in your web browser! Engage in intense battles across various maps with numerous guns and modes!

Kour.io delivers a thrilling first-person shooter experience, easily accessible on both web browsers and mobile devices. Dive into exciting game modes like Free for All, Team Deathmatch, Gun Game, and Hardpoint. Select from a wide array of classes, each equipped with unique weapons such as AK-47s and Flamethrowers, tailored to suit your play style. Join the fray and aim to be the top Kour player!


  • Soldier: AK-47 Gun, 100 HP
  • Hitman: Sniper Rifle, 90 HP
  • Gunner: P90 Gun, 90 HP
  • Heavy: Machine Gun, 150 HP
  • Rocketeer: Rocket Launcher, 90 HP
  • Agent: Silenced Mp5, 100 HP
  • Brawler: Shotgun, 120 HP
  • Investor: Scar Rifle, 90 HP
  • Assassin: FAMAS, 100 HP
  • Juggernaut: MINIGUN, 100 HP
  • Recon: VECTOR, 80 HP
  • Pyro: FLAMETHROWER, 100 HP


  • Havana: Inspired by the iconic Cuban city, Havana is Kour.io's first and most competitive map. Enjoy the tropical setting while you outgun your enemies!
  • Ghost Town: Set in an abandoned desert town in Arizona, Ghost Town is reminiscent of Nuke Town from Call of Duty. Engage in rooftop warfare and explore the buildings!
  • Snowstorm: Set in Iceland, Snowstorm is a winter wonderland where you can take down enemies amid stunning views of the frozen ocean and purple skies!
  • Kour House: The newest addition, Kour House, features boost pads, shipping containers, and buildings for dynamic combat scenarios!
  • Legion HQ: Dedicated to the creators, Legion Platforms, Legion HQ is an office space map perfect for executing trickshots!

Key Game Features

  • Multiple game modes: Free for All, Team Deathmatch, Gun Game, Hardpoint
  • Variety of classes: Soldier, Hitman, Gunner, Heavy, Rocketeer, Agent, Brawler, Investor, Assassin, Juggernaut, Recon, Pyro
  • Diverse maps: Havana, Ghost Town, Snowstorm, Kour House, Legion HQ
  • Earn and spend Kour Points (KP) for in-game purchases
  • Level up and compete on daily, monthly, and all-time leaderboards
  • Create and join clans with friends
  • Playable on both web browsers and mobile devices

Age rating: PACO16

Published on 2024年5月31日

Invite 10 friends and play without ads.

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