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Protect your land and save your kingdom from attacks and raids. Defend your territory, and build big and strong forts with thick walls. Sturdy shields, and plate armors - the best friends of every defensive unit which is supposed to defend its spot at all costs. Plan your defense ahead, don't get fooled and use all your resources. Hire mercenaries, and fight against hundreds waves of enemies. Trolls, giants, zombies, lava spawns, and many other both real and fictional enemies which want to see just one thing. They want to see your head impaled on a spear, or cracked twenty times and thrown into poisonous pool, so they can be sure that you won't survive this onslaught even if you were a total luckbox. Shoot them to their heads and leave nobody alive. Be courageous and show them your bravery by staying right in front of them, pointing your fingers at them, telling them to stop their march. Foolish behavior one would say, but tell it to your brand-new plasma guns which you bought from Darth Vader himself (spoiler: he's not dead, he's into trading now...). But seriously, you should use everything you can for defending the choke points, so enemies won't be able to reach your position. Bows, cannons, turrets, guns, flame-throwers, nuclear bombs. Use everything, you never know which, seemingly useless, things may come handy in situations like these.

Get engaged in strategic warfare, and cause damage to all your opponents. Our tower defense games collection features many simple games as well as many complex ones, so every tactical mastermind will find his favorite game here! Build and protect, value in something created with bare hands can't be expressed by its demolition, it's just never worth it. Set off for a desert operation, factory infiltration, or for a top secret mission for government - these scenarios are sharing one thing, the element of defense. You can appear in the middle of gunfight, or you'll find yourself assassinating your targets, but at one point, you'll always have to rely on defense. Proper defense is foundation of every successful attack, become invulnerable and nothing can strike you down!