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Visit our Little Pets Shop games list, and take care of the tiniest and cutest pets in this world, for example in a game called Best Pet Friends. Collect all these petite animals, and spend a lot of time with them. Groom them, kiss them, show them true love. Buy them new toys and watch them playing their new favorite game. Wait... Why should you just watch them, let's play together! There are so many great options for a funny afternoon...

Open your own animal salon, and treat little pets with enthusiasm and passion. Change their hairstyles, bath them in relaxing mud bath, or buy them tiny dresses which are fitting the best current Little Pets season. Do you think, you can withstand all that cuteness? You haven't seen all yet! Let your soul enthuse, because you will hardly believe your eyes what is going to happen. A total blast in lovely format! No weapons, no harmful scenes, just pure love and beauty. Relax and chill and forget about all bad things that have happened to you, world is still beautiful. Spread the love around you and grin from ear to ear. No need to hate, no need to fight, just keep calm and play games.

Visiting this kind of "shop" won't leave you calm. You'll meet so many wonderful new little friends that you will hardly leave them without any regrets. Forget about leaving, get to know each other and have fun together. Run fast and jump even higher, why not even join the Olympics when your form is in check! Cuteness meets loveliness, can it even be better? Perhaps, when some vandals come by a hit you hard... And that moment when your new friends are defending you to protect you at all costs, that's what is called real friendship. True value from the very deep of a heart.

Complete all mini-challenges, and unlock new pets to your collection. Attend all kinds of sports events with your new companions, and become even closer friends, or just lay down to your bed, take your crayons, and start painting beautiful pictures! Options for entertainment are endless!