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Welcome to our Tom and Jerry games category featuring cartoon-themed games for players of all ages. Play a game of cat and mouse, and be the part of this exciting story. Help Jerry to escape, hide in various places, ask strong bulldog for a protection, or dress him up with unique mouse clothing collection. Steal cheese from Tom's fridge, and bring it back to the burrow. Challenge Tom for a ride along the beach, and bet for a slice of cheese. Prank Tom during the beach trip in sunny Miami, hide his dinner, empty his pockets while he is not watching, or place banana peels into his shoes. Jerry can be pretty devilish, if you ask!

However, same goes for Tom. This smart cat is fighting Jerry all day every day, wanting to finally catch him, but he always fails. Perhaps, if you help him, he could do a better job... Set up various traps, dress up like a chameleon, or put drugs into a piece of cheese. Then wait for a good moment when Jerry comes out of his hideout to steal something from you and strike! You can even bring a baseball bat, but Jerry always manages to escape, damn! Nibbles could be Jerry's weak spot, though! His nephew is young and weak grey mouse, which is not that fast and smart, so Tom could actually manage to trap him instead of Jerry and then force Jerry to come out for a fight. Actually, you know what? Why all that non-sense fighting? Be friends for a while, and spend a good time on a bowling session, or in cheeseria! You can do even more stuff together and work on your relationship, so one day, you can hate each other even more than ever! Then, you may regret these days of peace, because lust for vengeance will be much stronger. After all, cats and mice can't be friends, can they? Who knows... But we know one thing for sure, Tom and Jerry can't! Let's enjoy adventures with famous cartoon characters made in 1940 by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera!