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Spending time harvesting crops and breeding animals on your own virtual farm sounds like a fun! Turn dry soil into flourishing mould, and plant there seeds, fruits, vegetables, flowers, bushes, and much more! Our farm games online are entertaining and educational at once. You'll learn to grow all kinds of plants, breed domestic animals, or fight against annoying insects. Learn to milk cows, feed hens and rabbits, tend cattle, or water plantations. All these activities are key factors to success in competition with neighboring farmers. Make from your small piece of land a big prosperous farm. Start slowly by growing fruits and vegetables, and then move onto breeding domesticated animals. Don't forget to purchase handy equipment like shovels, spades, sickles, or protection gloves. You can't take farming seriously, unless you are fully equipped and prepared to spend next few sunny months in the fields.

Sell harvested goods to local markets, and earn huge amount of money. Export your goods overseas, and earn even more! Join the farm games for kids before your competition gets ahead! Become the best producer of milk, wool, and eggs worldwide! Leave your competitors behind and make them jealous as your results are getting better and better. Count every earned cent and think of the area of next expansion. Increase the size of your plantations, innovate your machinery, or breed new rare species of animals. Hire some farmhands, assistants, and vets, and make the whole expansion process even faster!

You don't know how taking care of a farm looks like? You will gain all necessary knowledge even before your start farming for real in the tutorial section. You will be given many useful advices, guidelines, and methods to successfully run your farm. Don't worry, if you forget a thing or two. Practice is the best teacher. Once you'll be into a game, you'll learn everything within few seconds. Prize for the best farmer is still available. Work hard day in, day out, and it's surely gonna be yours. Only few seconds are dividing you from the most exciting experience of your life! So let's plant some seeds!