Crash Stunt Jumps

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Crash Stunt Jumps

Drive Lego-style toy cars and cause havoc! Jump, crash, and destroy obstacles in different home stages for maximum fun and bonuses.

Rev up your engines for Crash Stunt Jumps, an exhilarating browser game where you pilot brick-style toy cars across household landscapes like kitchens, bedrooms, and mountain settings. Each area is equipped with ramps for spectacular stunts and a landing zone littered with destructible brick obstacles, setting the stage for explosive fun.

Speed through these familiar yet creatively transformed locations and unleash chaos. The goal? Achieve the highest speed and kinetic energy to maximize destruction. As you smash through obstacles, you'll earn bonuses that reflect the extent of your wreckage. With four different cars and three types of upgrades available, your capacity for destruction is nearly limitless.

Enhance your vehicle's performance by upgrading its speed, power, and durability. Each upgrade not only enhances your ability to wreak havoc but also makes each leap more thrilling. Ready to break some bricks and set high scores? Strap in for some crash-tastic action in Crash Stunt Jumps!

Key Features of Crash Stunt Jumps

  • Lego-style toy car designs and destructible brick obstacles
  • Perform stunts from ramps in different home locations like kitchens and bedrooms
  • Upgrade your cars for higher speed and better destruction capabilities
  • Earn bonuses based on the amount of destruction you cause
  • Beautiful graphics, next-gen destruction models, and realistic physics

Age rating: PACO7  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on 15 May 2024

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