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Don't miss your opportunity, and play Angry Birds games online right in your browsers. These guests from mobile devices are here to entertain you on your screen, so don't be rude and play with them for a while. They do not spoil any fun, so nor should you. Boredom is not in a vocabulary here, instead, you will experience a lot of crazy stuff which you can later share with your friends!

Let's meet Angry Birds in person! Red - the angriest one. He is an outcast living on an island inhabited by the cheeriest birds. He looks angry every second of a day, and his cynicism is what fits him into the group. Chuck - the fastest one. Able to surpass the speed of 100 mph including his mouth as well. He never stops talking, and his commentaries are golden, often getting him into trouble. Bomb - the fat one. Chilled and relaxed? Hell no! It's just a disguise from his true explosive nature and inability to control his powers. Matilda - the beautiful one. Matilda is true leader of the pack. Former extremely angry bird, she is now much more easy-going. She knows what she does, trying to keep the good vibes going. Terence - the big guy. Terence is, ehm, quite big, perhaps even bigger than you could imagine. He doesn't talk too much, but when you get to know him, he is a good fella. And finally, Stella - the optimistic one. Stella is a dreamer and thinker. She doesn't like negativity, and her impulsive nature makes her one of the leaders on Bird Island. Together, these guys form a crazy group which will entertain you for hours and hours!

Angry Birds free games are coming in various forms. Try out Star Wars edition, expansion packs, riding and jumping modes, and much more. Playing is fairly easy! You know, everything remained the same as you were used to on your mobile phone. Choose right projectile, and set correct angle, and ... boom! You've earned new high score! How precise is your aiming? Hopefully, you can at least hit something once in a while ... Let's see!