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Adorable ponies, here they are! Spend your time in our My Little Pony games category and its characters from this famous TV show, and you won't regret it. Take care of cute ponies like Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Applejack, and many others, and treat them properly. Dress them, so they look even more adorable, and customize their looks by adding or removing certain features like wings, feathers, colorful accessories, and much more! Are you ready for real pony racing events? Then take your helmet and head to the horse course! Try to finish the obstacle race in the game called My Pony My Little Race and raise the trophy for the winner above your head! Join the Equestria Girls squad and breed your own species of cute ponies. Raising a pony is, in fact, quite complicated and demands a lot of effort. You must become soulmates and best friends forever.

Here's a quick guideline to ride a pony! First of all, be sure that your tack fits perfectly. You need a special one for ponies because of their smaller size. When you mount a pony, ask someone to hold the stirrup on the other side so you don't hurt your beloved pony. Then pay special attention to be gentle but firm. They are small and cute, so riding them requires a lot of experience when it comes to whether they will listen to your orders or not during the ride. Expect shorter, but faster action. Their legs are quite short, so their tempo is then seemingly much more rapid. This can sometimes make their gaits feel more bumpy or even jarring. Next point are jumps. These need a lot of training since ponies are generally weaker than ordinary horses. Also be more gentle while pulling the reins so your pony won't get hurt or scared. There is a simple tip for this: do not use your legs. We are sure that these tips will help you win the title for the best My Little Pony rider in the world! Make those lovable ponies blossom! Girl gamers of all ages, this is your turn!