WASD = move

mouse = shoot


4 = weapons

q = swap weapon

r = reload

m = view map

x = cancel action

f = interaction

Show more is a ruthless battle royal game in which you have the only goal and it is survive. Stay alive to the end, kill enemies, collect weapons, charges, and survival equipment. Do not let kill yourself and play only in a zone that is not toxic. Survives only the best and fastest. You must move unnoticed and smash material around you, such as boxes, tables, chairs, rocks - all of this can contain equipment that keep you alive. The game is played by thousands of players. Play yourself, with a friend or in a team.
Surviv io is playable on all common platforms like web (since October 2017), iOS (since October 2018) as well as Android (since November 2018).
Developed by 2 guys - Justin Kim and Nick Clark - is really well done game combining the pure concept of .io games (easy to play, hard to win) and very popular genre of battle royale games. If you like 2d games, is must play game. Have fun!

Invite 10 friends and play without ads.

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