WASD = move

space = jump

mouse = shoot

r = reload

e = switch weapon

g = grenade

c = crouch

f = interaction

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Merc Zone is a stylish suit-and-tie first person multiplayer shooter. Players drop into hyper-modern combat zones, selecting from multiple available classes - including; Brock, Cochese, Crazy Ed, Bingo and Ogre. Players eliminate opponents in snazzy fashion; chaining killstreaks and collecting bounties from around the world in fast-paced first-person arena battles.

Become the best shooter of MercZone. Join the game and play against people around the world. Earn money, find new weapons. Make a noise and fire. Use your grenades or would you rather grenade launcher? The game is perfectly optimized for your PC. You can change graphics setting in main menu. Unlock many great features of the game by playing. Play for free in yur browser, no instalation needed. Have fun!

Age rating: PACO18

Published on Aug 6, 2020

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