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Headless is a 2D fighting game for life and death in the .io style. The game uses simple game mechanisms from Flappy Bird, but instead of avoiding obstacles, you are killing opponents. The more opponents you kill, the better and more powerfull weapon you have.

The game takes place in a dark world limited by the sky on the top and lava on the bottom. In the middle you can fly on your winged steed, anyway, you are not alone there. There are many other enemies and all have the goal to survive. There are no rules, it's as simple as a wild west life - kill or be killed. All players starts with the same force, but as the game continues, with every killed opponent the player becomes more powerfull. The game is real time multiplayer fighting .io game. No AI bots.


  • Fun side-scrolling gameplay
  • Flappy Bird style controls!
  • Various skins of dragons, weapons and heroes

Age rating: PACO12

Published on Jan 27, 2021

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