Dinosaur Bone Digging

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Dinosaur Bone Digging

Dinasaur Bone Digging game will let take you on an incredible adventure of learning about the history of dinosaurs. In each of 20 levels of the game, you will find remains which will serve you for folding the dinosaur skeleton and getting its visualization.

Dinasaur Bone Digging is a game composed of many minigames - especially searching, cleaning and puzzle games. Have fun.

Mini games:

  1. DIGGING UP BONES – dig up holes and excavate dinosaur bones!
  2. FISHING FOR BONES – fish out fossils from the ocean!
  3. EXPLORING THE CAVES – use a flashlight to discover the bones in the dark caves!
  4. CLEANING THE BONES – clean the bones using special tools
  5. DINOSAUR PUZZLE - arrange the bones into a dinosaur skeleton!

Age rating: PACO7  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on Apr 7, 2021

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