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Hello adventurer! Do you know what is ahead of us? Set off on an amazing and unforgettable journey around the world. Visit medieval taverns, ask inkeepers for quests, and head to the dark cave where dragons, which burnt many villages, are settled. Meet interesting people, knights, princesses, or powerful mages. Create a group, and fight against the evil together. Big trolls, dangerous predators, or creatures from other realms, you never know who you meet during your trips. Courage, persistence, survival instincts, and luck - all will be needed during your breath-taking explorations. Solve mysteries, and unhide the real truths which may threaten our land. Make important decisions in many point and click adventure games that can change your path in the future. Turn left or right? Whatever you choose, the path will lead you to the certain goal.

It is all about that adventurous spirit. Head to the streets of bustling cities, drive all kinds of vehicles, and leave nothing in one piece. Gather up with your fellows, and set up a plan of next virtual heist. Get intentionally imprisoned, and find the way out of the prison as fast as possible. Travel around the globe, and visit wonderful places with interesting artifacts and magical items. Go back in time, and experience times when mammoths were living, and hunt them down. Step into Lego world, take role one of those characters, and enjoy adventurous activities throughout the day. Let aliens to kidnap you, take you to their planet, and see what they are up to. Or leave our planet on your own in a spacecraft, and explore rocky asteroids, hostile planets, or just roam through the nowhere. Do not hesitate a second and try out our best adventure games that will take you on many places that you have never seen before. Newbie or a pro, adventure games are perfect for anyone. Enjoy great atmosphere of these games and meet pirates, visit amusement parks, play on an instrument, and do many other entertaining activities. So what are you waiting for? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Let's experience new things with us!