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WASD = move

mouse = shoot


2 = weapons

space = jump

e = interaction

p = pause

v = switch car camera

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J.O.K.E.R VI is the sixth part of the third-person adventure, action shooter in which Joker plays a central role. Be prepared, around you is a huge open world. In this world will always something happening! Many hours of action tasks are waiting for you. The player will not be bored because every quest is unique.

About Game

If you get tired of passing and earning virtual money for the completed missions, you can wander through the city streets, search for abandoned buildings and find dozens of items like ammunition and weapons - for free! The city is huge and you can find lively auto traffic, the real behavior of people in the area, sudden police chases and much more. The easiest way of solving the problems of the main character is to go right through. On the way to the intended goal, you will always be distracted by unexpected police raids. In the city you will find many vehicles so steal any of them, but be careful because the police will notice your theft.


  • Sophisticated game for free
  • Huge map with open world
  • Many different cars for car lovers
  • Main character is familiar
  • Lots of guns
  • Engaging story with many missions

Age rating: PACO16

Published on Mar 10, 2020

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