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Best anglers wake up early, because they get the best action! Hesitation is forbidden. Who comes first, takes the most. Our fishing games online are one of the most competitive games we've got here. Swim in ponds, lakes, river, and even deep oceans and wait for your moments of glory. Browse shops with fishing accessories and look for the most convenient rods, nets, or baits. Participate in competitions of all kinds. Once you can join the battle for catching the highest amount of fish in a given time, or the join "The Big One" where you will be supposed to fish out the biggest fish that we, people, have ever seen. Sail against the streams and use your tools to dominate one of our free fishing games. Dive into water and find sunken temples, lost cannonballs, or even entrances to lost worlds! Look out for hidden treasures and fish them out as soon as possible! Rely on your fast reflexes and pull hard when the bait starts to wiggle. Catch salmons, tunas, jellyfish, jackfish, cod, zanders, or even white sharks!

Hold a fishing tournament, invite true professionals and prepare awesome show for incoming spectators. Learn from the best anglers in the world and let them teach you useful tricks to fish out even more stuff! Sign yourself into a fishing competition, and battle against the very best fishermen for the trophy for the winner! Prepare your rod, attach a bait to it, and throw it into water. Patience is the key, but when competing, time is your arch-enemy. One wrong movement of your hands and the catch is gone... Move your mouse pointer very carefully, aim for your target and lock it down! Captured! Now pull and hope for the impressive loot! Wow, what a sick catfish! That catch is quite remarkable, sir! You did great job, what about catching some more? Catch more fish than your opponents, and win the competition. Fish out hidden treasures, ancient chests, or golden coins, and become the fishing master! An old fisherman lives here…with the catch of his life, be more successful than him!