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Get ready for thrilling multiplayer car races from around the world with MicroXRace.net! Race against players on different maps and climb up the rankings with your best lap and race times.

At the end of each race, your position will determine the points and gold you earn. Use gold to purchase logos and cars to customize your experience. Register an account to access your progress from any device.

Key Game Features:

  • Free-to-play multiplayer car racing game
  • Compete on various maps and climb up the rankings
  • Earn points and gold based on your race position
  • Use gold to buy logos and cars for customization
  • Register an account for cross-device gameplay


Use the mouse to steer the car, left button to brake and reverse, right button for Nitro boost, and mouse wheel to change the zoom.

Age rating: PACO7  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on Jul 31, 2023

3,733 plays Tags: Driving Multiplayer Mouse .io Games

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