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OK is a 2D multiplayer survival game. Graphics inspired by snake games but playability is inspired by game. Move on the map collect food and grow up. The bigger you are the stronger you are. Other snakes have to collide with you. It is the only way how to destroy your enemies. Your big long snake body will make it easier. (nicknamed slederio) pushes the genre of games based on legendary even further. Eat luminous balls and become the biggest snake on the entire game board. This time, you will not be eating smaller opponents, but you will want to avoid any head-on collision with other snakes. If this happens, you are automatically knocked out of the game and you have to start all over again. Holding down the left mouse button will temporarily increase the movement speed of your snake. Will you succeed among tough competition and will we see you on the leaderboards for the best players? Have fun. unblocked

If you have found blocked on your electronic device, most likely this is due to blocking by network or device administrator. To play the game in this case you need to change the network or device you are connecting from, or find yet not blocked proxy server in your network - try googling for " proxy" or check for more information to avoid blocking.

FAQ around the game

What are the rules of

You are moving through the map and you have only one task – grow up. The longer you are the higher your chance is to destroy the enemy. The goal of the game is make other players to bump into your body by their heads. When they hit you, there will be many food for you. Eat it and become bigger. Sometimes you can use tactic of dead end, which means enemy player has no space for moving and he has to bump into you. This rule applies on you as well. Protect your head.

Can you play offline?

Yes, you can play online and also offline, however offline mod works only in application.

Is a worm or a snake?

Creatures in are snakes, official twitter accounts or any other media have never used name worm.

Is a bot?

Yes, use bots. The game is popular and it is no surprise, for such a type of game. Every player can play anytime thanks to bot system. Without bots there will be long waiting times for rooms. However, the bots for have realistic AI and also react to threat very realistic thanks to algorithms. They will not let you win so easily. What is great about bots? No cheating!

How do you go faster in

There are some tricks that you maybe do not know about. Your snake can be faster than usual speed. Use your mouse as always but add up arrow key or spacebar. It means use mouse button plus one of these two keys to make your snake even faster. If you are using mobile you have to double tap on your screen. However, your snake will shorten its body. The price for the speed is 15 points/sec.

How do you pause

There is no possibility to pause, unless you are playing against AI only.

Can you play with a controller?

In the controller is not supported, only mouse or touch screen on your mobile.

What are similar games to

There are 3 main alternatives for the game

Published on 2016年1月18日

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