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Accept the training protocol, and join one of our academies from ninja games online category. Train several ninja skills like throwing shurikens, jumping, vaulting, killing from behind, being unseen, and many more, and achieve true mastery in ninja martial arts. According to the scrolls of Togakure-ryu, there are eighteen skills and disciplines that together grant its wielder ultimate powers of unbelievable potential. Follow the steps of your ninjutsu master, and seek for ancient artifacts. Adopt and develop fundamental survivalist techniques, and use them in face to face combat. Take part in an espionage mission, and retrieve important information and documents. Stay undetected, and avoid any contact with guarding enemies. Free run over the walls, conceal in shadows, and get down your targets from distance. Use fists, or wield a deadly katana, and unleash your true killing potential. Become a stealth assassin who is finding his prey with the utmost precision. Seek for kills, taste the blood of your enemies, and control powers of real ninjas! Let inner energy be on your side!

Become a feared silent assassin who always delivers a killing blow! Sneak through enemy territory, kill the boss, and rescue innocent princess. Be like a real ninja warrior, and never surrender to your foes. Surprise them with one of your special moves, and unleash powers of lion and tiger. Play one of our free ninja games, and experience the whole thing behind the ninja cult. Once your step into shadows, there will be no way to travel back in time, and change your decision. You are part of the system. You are now in secret order. Your identity has been erased from all government systems. You don't exist publicly anymore. Strategy of fighting, tactics of unconventional warfare, espionage, and precise landing of fist strikes - let us present you your new core values. Acquire Fu Zan, fists crafted in Burning forest. Its journey through the ages has imbued it with untold power in the hands of the ninja masters. Devastate your enemies easier than ever before. Dominate the fighting scene, and attempt to complete all levels in many difficult and demanding games.