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WASD = move

mouse = shoot

space = jump

l = lock mouse

c = crouch

tab = score table

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Winter Clash 3D is a free multiplayer shooter game from a third-person view with a cartoon graphics. The game is based on the fight of a team of Santa Clauses against a team of evil elfs. The game takes place at the North Pole during Christmas.

New sequel in the Clash 3D game series takes you to a magical place covered with snow. Fight in the winter, become the best shooting Santa Claus and save Christmas. Play for free in your browser on PacoGames.

This Christmas the evil elves plan to take over the Santa’s secret place, and summon the evil Baba Yaga, also known as Pagan Idol to this world. Don’t let this happen. Take your gun and impose punishment on all who confront you in a brand new overwhelming team shooter Winter Clash 3D. Take a role of a mighty Santa Clause and capture the Pagan Idol from a deserted lighthouse island, and burn it to ashes in your Christmas fire. Aim to kill with a new headshot system or deliver a devastating blow to your enemies with fully automatic shotgun. Have fun.

Game features

  • Fast-action packed shooter game with 220 seconds long match rounds
  • Character improvements based on played score
  • 1 Unique map
  • 2 Weapons - sniper and a shotgun
  • Smooth running on desktop as well as mobile browser

Winter Clash Unblocked

If you have found Winter Clash blocked on your electronic device, most likely this is due to blocking by network or device administrator. To play the game in this case you need to change the network or device you are connecting from. Alternatively, you can try find the game on poki or lagged which both host the game on their server like PacoGames does.. Check for more information to avoid blocking.

Age rating: PACO16

Published on 19.12.2020

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