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mouse = shoot


2 = weapons

e = interaction

space = jump

p = pause

v = camera

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Extreme Games

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Mafia Trick & Blood 2

You have a big business, in a city that doesn’t sleep and sometimes gives you dangerous adventures and makes you stick in new scrape, from which it’s impossible to get out without victims. To capture the city is one thing, where it is more difficult to hold onto the boss of all the underground enterprises and not to lose your reputation.

You expect crazy chases and shootouts with police and enemies from rival gangs. The spies and traitors will be turned into your family. Racing in fast cars, through the streets will add adrenaline to the blood. Shooting and explosions will not leave you alone until you show the city that you still have gunpowder in your powder flasks.

▪ Big city
▪ Territory and business control
▪ Gun shop, with tons of firearms, and all the necessary
▪ Shop with a large selection of vehicles
▪ The exciting plot of the life of a gangster
▪ Aesthetics of the mid-20th century
▪ Time trial, survival chase

Age limit: PACO16

Published on Jun 6, 2019

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