Mafia Trick & Blood

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2 = weapons

space = jump

e = interaction

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Mafia Trick & Blood

You are the ruthless ganster of the old school, by the name of Bob, returning from the army service to your native Bronx, where you are immediately met at the house by a childhood friend Joe, who in your absence, has succeeded in the trade in drugs and other vague business. He asks for your help and offers to split the money from the business. The atmosphere of the post-war Bronx attracts with its entourage, and retro cars offer a ride with the wind in the oncoming lane ignoring traffic lights and the police. On the way to power in the whole city, you will encounter rival gangs, as well as unexpected plot twists. You help your friend to increase control over the territory and expand its influence. But the criminal world makes you always attentive, especially in situations where you do not expect a mean blow from the rear. Game features: ▪ 3D third-person shooter. Mad Gangster Shooter ▪ Game can download for free ▪ Open world with RPG elements ▪ Atmosphere of the late 40s - early 50s ▪ You can save your progress

Age rating: PACO16

Published on Feb 22, 2019

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