WASD = move left

mouse = attack right

mouse = block

e = interactionenter new location

enter = select

tab = back

i = inventory

shift = run

c = crouch

space = jump

arrows = swap equipment

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Le Hieu

Developer | 19 games

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Dragon Slayer

Knights, welcome to the world of dragon slayers! Dragon is threatening lives of all citizens in your village. You have to practice fights constantly and look for things to become stronger. Defeat Dragon King and his army on the orders of the king! Search houses for useful equipment, seek for chests in dangerous wilderness, and hope for rewarding loot! Hopefully, you will not meet too many bandits during your journeys, because there will be so many wolves, bears, dragons... You know, all so eager to end your life... Become a true hero in these beautiful medieval settings! Have fun.

Published on Jun 22, 2017

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