single player



r = repair

enter = reset

shift = clutch


v = gear updown

1 ... 6 = view Multiplayer Player 1






z = gearbox left

shift = clutch l

ctrl = handbrake

r = repair

space = reset

1 ... 5 = view Player 2




- = gearbox

, = clutch

. = handbrake

r = repair

enter = reset

6 ... 0 = view

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Do you remember multiplayer racing games of old times with two windows in a screen? Those were the days! Remind it for yourself thanks to our driving game Cars. You can race against your friend (we recommend set manual gearbox), or just select a different gaming mode and play alone. Here you can take part of a race for time and compare your time with other players, or simply ignore also this mode and select single player mode offering freedom ride. Because here it will not about city sights and enjoying beauty of nature, you have available three racing cars while two of them are able to overcome speed 300 km/h. Anyway, because the map includes a city, we added also a typical city car Peugeot 207, although not in its serial version. This one has 4x4 drive which surely come in handy during urban spree. Unfortunately, out of city it will not already so fun, speed is speed... Which car will become your favourite? Have fun.

Invite 10 friends and play without ads.

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