mouse = move

ctr = shoot

space = jump

r = reload

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Death Copter

Death Copter is a 3D shooter survival game. Become a shooter from helicopter of the death. Your goal is to eliminate all enemies. Earn money and unlock new weapon. Play for free in your browser.

Dath Copter is a unique shooter game. Enjoy 3D graphics and moving camera. You ar ea pro shooter. You have to eliminate all enemies. Shoot fast because they can shoot very well. You have only 10points of life. Every new level will be more difficult then the previous one. Challenge yourself. Earn 200 dollars in game and buy new weapon. Try all the possibilities. The game is pure fun and fun to play in free time. So, give it a shot! Have fun.

Age rating: PACO16

Published on Nov 29, 2020

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