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Can you feel that exciting moment when you beat your close friend in challenging battle? Play 2 player online games for free with your buddy, and play together against AI, or compete against each other and compare your skills. Co-operate in difficult environments, and cope with all dangers together, in the end, you can play one the same computer simultaneously! The amount of fun was never higher! Challenging tasks, difficult missions, all tailored for duo of gamers. Head to the ancient temple, and find out all secrets, or defend yourselves against heavily armed attacks of enemy nations in next World War. Robot invasion? Yes, why not. So many robotic enemies equipped with weapons that one would hardly do something, that's why you play together! Supplement each other, and don't let your friend fall in a battle. If you prefer to battle each other, jump right into the action and crush your best friend. Play hard, but don't forget that it's all just games, and keep your friendly relationships up. Endless choices are laying in front of you, so what is your favorite activity?

Choose a game from various genres. Fight, race, shoot, build, or think, these games are designed for both of you, so communication is the key. Enter an arena, and smash the keyboard to hit your friend hard. The faster you hit the buttons, the harder your hits are. It's great opportunity to virtually punch your friend without any real-life consequences, so don't miss your chance, and learn him a lesson or two! Expect exciting adventures all over the world, tough moments in the middle of an intense racing session, or unforgettable experience during exploration of the universe. Sign up for a thumb fight, or face each other in a soccer match. Not enough? Then punch some aliens, smash head of Cristiano Ronaldo, or collect powerful gems that are holding secrets of unexplored lands. One keyboard and a mouse is just enough for both of you, so no excuses, and start mastering two player games right now! The better gamer wins. Call your best friend and enjoy the greatest gaming party of all time!