Obby and Noob Barry Prison

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Obby and Noob Barry Prison

Help Obby and Noob escape from a scary prison guarded by the dangerous cop Barry. Collect keys to open the prison door and avoid getting caught!

Are you ready for an intense prison escape adventure in Obby and Noob Barry Prison Escape? Join Obby and Noob as they attempt to flee from a terrifying prison, constantly pursued by Barry, the menacing cop. Barry is always on the lookout and if he catches you, it's back to jail! Your mission is to navigate through the prison, avoid Barry at all costs, and collect the keys needed to unlock the prison door and secure your freedom.

The prison is filled with challenges and dangers at every turn. You'll need to use your wits and agility to outsmart Barry and find all the hidden keys. Each level presents new obstacles and more dangerous encounters with Barry, keeping you on your toes. The tension rises as you progress, making each successful escape even more rewarding. Can you help Obby and Noob find their way to freedom?

Key Features

  • Thrilling escape adventure with Obby and Noob
  • Dangerous encounters with Barry, the bad cop
  • Collect keys to unlock prison doors
  • Challenging levels with increasing difficulty
  • Immersive and suspenseful gameplay

Age rating: PACO7  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on 10 juin 2024

741 plays Tags: Casual 2 Player Arcade HTML5 Keyboard

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