Player 1:


f = nitro

t = look back

r = restart Player 2:


x = nitro

k = look back

l = restart

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Mega City Missions

Mega City Missions is a 3D racing game that offers 7 customiyable cars to drive and 2 game modes to play. The game is playable in 1 as well as 2 players mode.

Choose a car of your preference and head to either career, free or race mode. Carrer game mode contains 16 missions - some in stunt area, the others in the big city. The goal is diverse based on the specific mission , from transportation, through races, showing driving skills or even bomb disposal. The reward for succesfull completation is in the form of points that will allow you to unlock new cars. Each car may be further customized in the garage.

Race mode is simplier, there are 5 races, each at different circuit and for a different number of rounds. You can play it in singleplayer for points or for fun in 2 players on the same PC. Have fun.

Age rating: PACO7  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on Jul 26, 2021

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