WASD = move player 1

g = grenade player 1

arrows = move player 2

l = grenade player 2

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Aztec Adventure

Aztec Adventure is a 2D arcade adventure for two players. Solve the riddles alone or with the friend. Every character has unique skills. The girl is small, while the man is strong. Escape from every tomb.

Do you like adventures? How about heading for the Aztec Treasure? Become a modern Indian Jones, Lara Croft or Nathan Drake. Explore all the tombs and watch out for traps. Control both characters alone or play with a friend. There are several puzzles in each level and you need both characters to leave the area. These are small puzzles, scrolling objects, or special actions that only one of the character can do to move the other character. Are you ready to find gold and become rich? Or do you prefer to donate it to the museum because it could be cursed? Have fun!

Game Features

  • Puzzle game, suitable for all ages
  • The game is for 2players, but you can play alone as well
  • Total of twenty challenging levels
  • Smooth playing
  • The game is for free

Age rating: PACO3  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on Mar 13, 2020

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