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n = nitro

b = view back

r = restart level Player 2


t = nitro

c = Look back

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Cyber City Driver

The future - every human imagines it differently. One way it could looks like is in the game Cyber City Driver. Future city in this game is full of neon lights and ramps. They look a bit like city bypasses, only they go right in the city center. In addition of enjoying speed and centrifugal forces while driving the crazy roads in one of 7 cars, you can also race in any of 6 races with a limited time or you can slow down in the free ride mode which is optimal for exploring every corner of the city.

Game features

  • Single player and 2 player game mode (on the same PC)
  • 2 gameplay modes - race and free driving
  • 7 sport cars
  • 6 different routes

Age rating: PACO7  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on Oct 5, 2020

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