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Learning new cooking recipes have never been easier. With our free cooking games collection, you'll learn to prepare the most delicious meals ever. Follow the instructions of renowned chefs like Jaime Oliver, Gordon Ramsey, or Padma Lakshmi, and watch them closely as they are working on brand-new recipes which originated in exotic Vanuatu. You'll learn more than just that pasta and pizza are Italian meals, or that Americans are up for frying pretty much everything. But jokes aside... We are talking here about recipes that will leave your friends breathless. Just head to the kitchen and prepare breakfast, lunch, or a dinner. Bake pizzas, pies, and chocolate cakes. Use your freshly gained cooking experience and outperform your own grandmother in a cooking battle! Cut, rinse, shred, and put it into a bowl. Voilá... one piece of medium-rare steak with roasted potatoes and vegetables is almost ready for serving! What a tidbit!

Take control of a virtual restaurant and cook everything from pork to chicken. Start as an assistant and become the world renowned head chef! Check fridge and supplies shelf and get all ingredients you need for your famous recipe that everyone adore. Garlic, onion, carrot, but even apples, bananas, or oranges, we have everything! There is no time for slacking in the kitchen, so let's cook! Slice and dice just by few clicks of your mouse and your virtual meals will be ready in no time! Even though we have a lot of cooking games for girls here, boys are invited too! Boys and girls were always battling each other in many activities and cooking is not an exception. Let the best cook win! You can compete for example in baking challenges, decoration competitions, or in the contest called "Cook better than your mum". Showcase of your cooking skills has just begun! Oh, wait a second! There is one more important thing... share your recipes with us, so you can earn respect and more importantly feedback from other players, and together you can then upgrade your current recipe into something that is out of this world! A real masterpiece!