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shift = nitro

c = camera

space = handbrake

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Bike vs Train

Bike vs Train - this game is as simple as it's name. It is all about the race between train and motorbike. Motorbike has better acceleration, anyway, the train is more powerfull and stable in high speeds. Once train will get the traction, it is very hard to keep its ride. So be sure your motorbike is in the best possible condition and your starts are as fast as they can be. What you will lose on the start, you will not catch up while riding, even when you use the nitro! Enjoy the adventure of race between train and motorbike in numerous levels that this game offers. have fun!

Game features

  • Various motorbikes to choose from
  • Challenging Levels and impossible stunts keep you glued to the Screen

Age rating: PACO7  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on Jan 20, 2023

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