is 2D multiplayer strategy game. Survive as long as possible. Take over other planets in the endless universe. Enemy will figh against you, so you need to use all resources you have. Grow up the community and conquer other planets. Shield your small planets and give them defense. Become a leader of the score board.

About Game

Far away in the huge universe there are endless fights for space. Start with one planet, wait untill population grows and then spread your population to other planets. Scan surroundings and be aware of enemy planets. You can attack them but be prepared, he will fight back. Do you have enough people to win this battle? Use shields and defend our planets against enemy. The more planets you have the stronger you will be. Have fun!

Controls and Strategy

For playing this game you need only mouse. Let your population grows and scan universe around you. Send your units on empty planets and build bigger community. Later, you can try to fight with your enemies and take over planets of other players. Send units by clicking on the desire planet. Set you strategy. Defense could be very useful and can save your planet against enemy.


  • is for free, playable in the browser immediately
  • Non-complicated controlling
  • Easy to understand, hard to win
  • Great strategy without violence
  • Suitable for all ages

Age rating: PACO3  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on Jun 7, 2020

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