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WASD = move

mouse = shoot

shift = run

space = jump

r = reload

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Special Ops is a 3D multiplayer shooter. Play from the first person perspective. Build up strong team and destroy your enemy. Make tactical decisions, use realistic weapons. Many different maps nd progress system are waiting for you.

About Game

Special Ops is a wonderful shooter. Invite your friends and play together. Create private room or play with people around the world. Game is unique but also you cn find game modes inspired by worlds best game like Counter Strike. Play the game and enjoy your progress. Earn money, buy many different weapons. Another great thing about the game is that if you have no one around to play with, you can always play alone with bots! Have fun.

Awesome game modes:

  • Team match
  • Capture the flag
  • Bomb defuse
  • Gun race


  • Awesome tactical movement system
  • Multiplayer up to 12 online players
  • Highly detailed locations: Arabian Streets, Skyscaper, Old EU Streets
  • Different real-world weapon
  • Play together with friends
  • Sniper mode
  • AI System
  • On-line mode with people, Off-line mode with bots

Age rating: PACO16

Published on Jun 9, 2020

Invite 10 friends and play without ads.

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