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WASD = move

mouse = shoot

l = lock mouse cursor

tab = show scoreboard

t =action button

q = change weapon

r = reload

g = grenade

h = knife

c = crouch

e = camera tilt

shift = run

space = jump

enter = chat

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There is fear in the streets. People don't even leave their homes anymore, because everyone who is moving in the streets is armed to the teeth and doesn't hesitate to fire at will. People are protesting against the regime which oppresses them and takes away their human rights. But instead of fighting against the common enemy, they are fighting with each other. They call themselves "Insurgents". Single player mode comes up with plenty of exciting missions to test your courage and shooting skills. There is a task in each mission. Complete it and you will be awarded with various rewards. Over time, rewards such as automatic weapons or weapons of mass destruction will also become real. It won't be a walkaway. Your enemies have only one task: to find you and bring you to their boss alive or dead, so you definitely can't count on meeting them and having a friendly conversation about whatever. They will shoot after you, so make them pay. If your missions begin to be boring for you after a while, you might want to try a multiplayer game which will throw you into a battle against other players. That doesn't mean that it's gonna be easier, it's just about the victory which everyone wants so badly, so only the best one can win... You can also equip your character from head to toe and the same goes for the wardrobe - if you collect enough in-game currency. But it's a great way to distinguish yourself from other players and enjoy your own character. Let's compare your skills with other players from different corners of the world and end up as a winner in a shootout on one of the four available maps. Have fun. Try also sequel of this free shooter game - Insurgents II.

Published on 14 mars 2018

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