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Guilty Sniper

In Guilty Sniper, identify and eliminate your targets swiftly. Manage your ammo and take down all targets before time runs out!

Step into the shoes of a skilled marksman in Guilty Sniper, a thrilling browser-based shooting game where your mission is to recognize and eliminate targets as fast as possible. Don't worry about collateral damage, but keep a close eye on your ammunition—every shot counts, and your bullets are limited!

With time ticking away, your reflexes and precision will be put to the ultimate test. Aim carefully to avoid wasting ammo and identify your targets quickly to secure victory. The pressure intensifies as you progress, challenging you to spot and eliminate every target before the clock runs out.

Whether you're a seasoned sniper or a beginner, Guilty Sniper offers a unique and exciting shooting experience where every second counts. Show off your sniping skills and prove that you're the ultimate sharpshooter!

Key Features of Guilty Sniper

  • Fast-paced shooting gameplay with a time limit
  • Recognize and eliminate targets swiftly
  • Manage your ammunition carefully to avoid running out
  • Challenging levels that test your reflexes and precision
  • Unique sniping experience with a focus on speed and accuracy

Age rating: PACO16

Published on May 9, 2024

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