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WASD = move

space = jump

mouse = shoot

shift = run

e = walk slowly

c = crouch

r = reload


7 = guns

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Rush Team is a free objective-based 3D multiplayer first-person shooter web game developed by 1 developer - Roka from ASR games. Rush Team game offers well known features, modes and game mechanisms of big standalone games in a simple web-based package launchable natively in any desktop browser.

Rush team is one of the few really quality multiplayer FPS online games in a browser. Already since the first released version back in 2013, the game developer Roka has been developing the game with a focus at smooth running and minimum performance requirements. Rush Team was running very well in old Unity web player and runs well also in the modern WebGl version. The game is still under active game development.

Game features

  • Good graphics and smooth running
  • 27 maps to play in various map variants (e.g. Christmas edition)
  • 6 game modes - Free for all, team deathmatch, Team flag match, elimination, bomb, weapon race
  • Customizable game matches - available weapons, length, max ping, private and public rooms, big heads…
  • Customizable characters - view, gear, equipment
  • 50+ weapons
  • Perks
  • Optimized game load - the game loads data in a time when they are necessary - this makes game load faster and cheaper
  • Premium VIP skins and weapons
  • No in-game ads and other disturbing elements

Rush Team accounts

Rush Team game allows creation of account required for option to use more advanced in-game features, saving progress and especially option of character and weapon customizations. There are also premium buyable items via which the game is being monetized.

Rush Team game does not use PacoGames account and PacoGames is not responsible for any problems related to the game or accounts. However, if you think about the creation of account for the Rush Team game, we can recommend it - Rush Team is really great game you will love and having a user account in the game is really beneficial. Moreover, the same account should be active also in other games developed by ASR games.

Tips for playing

  • Mouse sensitivity may be adjusted in game settings

Age rating: PACO16

Published on Dec 4, 2019

Invite 10 friends and play without ads.

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