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Our collection of free games for kids is simply amazing. No matter what your age is, we have plenty of challenges just for you! From action-packed games with simple controls to more complex puzzle games, every young gamer will find his favorite game. Release your spirits of creativity and finish a picture from Disney's coloring book. Play with cuddling dogs and cats, and sing them a lullaby so they can dream whole night. Visit your good old friend Spongebob and think off any pranks which you could do to troll other people. Slice some sushi, go to fabulous city zoo, or just hang out on internet and duel your friends in a tank battle. Play with trains, cook delicious meals with your mum, or assemble replicas of mighty dinosaurs. Watch some animated TV series and bring their heroes to life yet today. Assemble a real robot and lead it to the warfare of colossal measures. Become a youngest general of all times who was victorious more than three times in a row. Become a king and lead your nation through the age of wars, rebellions, and global conflicts. Age is just a number! Yeah, right, you may miss some life experience here and there, but what about having some fun in our fun games for kids, which are funnier than your grandmother, when she thinks that you are learning math, even though you are just trolling her and playing games all day long.

Bring your classmates to your backyard, and play basketball or baseball. Grab your RC car from the shelf, and race your friends. Take care of your lovely pet, decorate its house, and make sure it's properly fed. Play all kinds of junior puzzle games, or prepare your room before Santa comes for Christmas! You never know when the surprise comes! Also watch out for your mean classmates so they won't be able to outplay you in a gaming challenge which is truly deadly serious! Pilot an aircraft and get ready for landing manoeuvre. You can experience incredible things in this section right now, so unleash your gaming talent!